Plumble – Mumble VOIP for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)


Plumble – Mumble VOIP is a free trial software developed from the telephony subcategory which is part of the communication category. It has over five hundred thousand downloads from Play Store. The application was developed by Andrew Comminos for home and personal use. The application enables users to use mumble servers from Android devices or personal computers by using BlueStacks software. It has several features […]

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Plumble – Mumble VOIP for PC / Mac / Windows 7/8/10 / Computer- Free Download


Plumble – Mumble VOIP is a free communication application developed by Andrew Comminos which allows you to communicate with your friends on any Mumble Server. In our opinion Plumble is the best Mumble client and we at Techforpc highly recommend it. In order to download and install Plumble – Mumble VOIP on PC or MAC computer or laptop you will have to use an Android […]

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