Plumble – Mumble VOIP for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)

plumble-mumble-voip-for-pc Plumble – Mumble VOIP is a free trial software developed from the telephony subcategory which is part of the communication category. It has over five hundred thousand downloads from Play Store. The application was developed by Andrew Comminos for home and personal use. The application enables users to use mumble severs from android devices or personal computers by using the BlueStacks software.

It has several features which include: channel tree view, draggable overlay, Bluetooth support, local mute of users, a recording amplifier, proximity sensor utilizing the voice call mode, private messaging, text to speech conversion, image imbedding, opus support for 1.2.4 servers, server sharing and image imbedding.


Plumble is licensed beneath the GNU GOL version 3. The application is very effective for communication and data sharing activities. This tutorial offers a well elaborate procedure for installation and playing of the application in your personal computer using BlueStacks.

Procedure to download and install the Plumble – Mumble VOIP for Windows PC

To play the application in your personal computer two core procedures will have to be followed. These procedures include:

Downloading and installing BlueStacks to your PC

  • Download BlueStacks into your personal computer from the official BlueStacks website- BlueStacks operates smoothly on most versions of windows. However your personal computer must have the minimum operating requirements for BlueStacks to be effective.
  • Once downloading of BlueStacks is done (the file size is around 300 MB), installation can begin.
  • Click the downloaded file and click next to set it up. With BlueStacks one has the capability of using up to 40 different languages, you can easily change the language after installation.
  • The downloaded BlueStacks is a standalone file, therefore, nothing else will be downloaded for it to run. After the installation process is ended, you can see the window highlighted “sign in with google”. In case you do not possess a google account, create one.
  • Once you have signed in and entered all the necessary details and BlueStacks is operational you can progress to the next stage.
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Running Plumble – Mumble VOIP from BlueStacks

  • Download Plumble- Mumble VOIP free APK and store it in your personal computer.
  • After downloading the file, select the “” file. It has an extension .apk.
  • After choosing the .apk file the BlueStacks application handler starts the installation progress.
  • Once the installation process is complete a message will appear that the application has been successfully installed and it will be available at the BlueStacks menu when you search for it.
  • Once found, it will mean that the application has been successfully installed and you can launch and play it.

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