GameLoop Emulator – Play Mobile Games on Your PC


If you have been playing Tencent games on your phone, but you have never felt the electrifying moments in full, there is a better way of playing the games on your PC. And it’s all thanks to the GameLoop emulator. You may ask yourself, why can’t you use Nox or BlueStacks emulators as they are both robust PC emulators? GameLoop […]

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Top 5 Software Downloading Websites in 2020


Downloading from the wrong websites can be very risky. Chances of downloading a virus or malware are very high. There are numerous websites that you can download software for Windows and Mac. The number of websites that are available currently on the internet for downloading software can lead you into confusion. So if you need to download from a genuine […]

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Knighthood Game for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) Free Download


Knighthood Game For PC For all the game lovers who love playing games using their mobile phones, Knighthood is also one of the games that you can play on your phone. With this game, you get to strikes your adventure taste buds. Sometimes playing games on your mobile phone might get a little confusing, tedious, and tiresome. Due to the […]

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Groovepad Online for PC – How to Run on Windows and Mac


Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker – Free your Spirit with Music and Beats The power of making your music that lifts your spirit, making you free has been made easy by technology. Nothing beats mixing different sets of music, just like a DJ to create something that soothes and musicals. The latest technology has enabled various people to become […]

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How to Use Manything App on Your PC (Windows & Mac)


Do you have your old Android devices such as your HTC touch, Nokia, or your LG at your home and you are thinking of doing DIY surveillance? Then it would help if you thought of the old mobile phones that you have. Manything is an app that will make it possible for you to create a surveillance camera for your […]

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