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org-2021-for-pc-windows-macIf you love musical apps, then the ORG app is one app you should have. The developer first released the ORG 2020 to Android and iOS devices, and the app has served its purpose to the people who have used it.

The ORG 2021 is the newest version and although it has so many features that are similar to the ORG 2020, the 2021 version has some extra features.

The article below explains more about the newest version of the ORG and its newest features.

ORG 2021

ORG 2021 app is an Android and iOS app that includes thousands of musical instruments that one can use to record music. Some music is also pre-recorded so that you can later use them in making musical rhythms.

You can also connect the app to a real musical keyboard to create more music using the app and the keyboard. So far this app has over 100 million downloads, which means that it has become very popular over a very short time. This is also can be concluded that it works well and that is why people seem to trust it.


The app is free but the basic version contains ads and fewer features so if you would want to experience more features and also removes ads from the app. Also, the basic free version will limit some rhythms you get to use, but the free version lets you use the thousands of rhythms available on the app.

Once you download the app on your Android phone, the app will give you an option to go premium and from there you get to choose which feature you really want to unlock. For example, if you only want to use the app to connect it to a real keyboard, you will need to pay a lower amount than the VIP user. The good thing is that you can choose which feature to pay for depending on how much you can afford for the app.

ORG 2021 Top Features

This app is well endowed with amazing features, but in this article, we will talk about a few of the most used features. These are the features that you will find most people looking for and are using.

◊ Record songs

If you learning the keyboard, you can choose to sing and play the app’s keyboard while you record. Later you can playback the song and listen to the advances you may be making and make changes where you need. You can use your phone as the microphone and filter out that which you do not like from your recording. If you will be sending someone your recording, you can use filters to perfect your recording.

◊ Share on social media platforms

After creating amazing MP3s, you can share the recording with your social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. This is good, especially if you are under training or you are training people. You can use this app to record your music and send them the recordings.

◊ Great Windows Tools

You can use these tools to create, import, and edit instruments. You can use the tools to choose the style and edit them to your preference.

◊ Connect to a real keyboard

Although this feature can only be seen in the premium version of this app, it is very affordable. As mentioned, this app gives you the freedom to choose and you can choose to pay only for connecting to the real keyboard. You can connect using a USB MIDI cable. Connecting the app to your real keyboard will help you in learning the keyboard faster and you are able to produce excellent sounds.

More features

  • DNC instruments plus an after-touch.
  • Thousands of rhythms.
  • Many drum kits.
  • Strong desktop tools.
  • Two-row keyboards.
  • Metronome, pedal, and touch response.
  • Powerful stereo output.
  • Filters, joystick, effects, ribbon, and filters.
  • Thousands of musical instruments.

Frequently asked questions about ORG 2021

Since this app was launched there have been several questions most people are asking about the app. We have rounded a few of these questions and their answers.

1. How can you get ORG 2021 for PC?

As mentioned earlier, ORG 2021 is an app designed to work on an Android or iOS device. This means that you can only download the app directly to your Android phone or iPhone. However, as we have seen on the features above the app also has some strong desktop tools. This is to say that you can also use the app on your PC. However, you will need an emulator to download and install ORG 2021 on your PC. So yes, you can get ORG 2021 for PC.

2. Is ORG piano 2021 download for PC available?

Yes, the piano is available for download on the ORG 2021 app. However, to get it on your PC you will need to download the app on your PC using an emulator. To do this, you can follow the instructions below to download the app on your PC.


  • Download and install the NOX Android emulator on your PC.
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Search for ORG 2021 for PC on Google Play store.
  • Click ‘install’ upon finding the app.

3. Can I connect the ORG keyboard for PC?

Yes, you can connect the ORG app to a real keyboard using a MIDI USB. However, as mentioned, this feature is only available for premium users. Connecting to the keyboard allows you to record your music smoothly. It also helps one to learn the keyboard faster.


While music has been the epitome of human entertainment for ages, this is the only time that the instruments are accessible from your hand. This is a great advancement since anyone can learn to create good music from the instruments in the comfort of their homes.

ORG 2020 and ORG 2021 are two of the best versions of the ORG app, with more features to make your experience more smooth. You can easily download and install the app on your phone and start training yourself by downloading a few instruments and using them to create music.

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