How to Setup BitVision Camera App on your Computer or Laptop

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What does security means to you? As far as I know, it means a lot. Not just to you but to everyone. Security is the number one concern of every person, whether it is of his home, social network, or other important things. And to keep all these assets of our life safe, we undertake various methods and techniques.

If we take a look at the security of our home, there are various camera devices available in the market. You can get these devices and keep surveillance of your home. But if you want a device with som unique functionality, you need to check out the BitVision HD camera software. This classy app can be easily installed on your phone, and you can get a live feed of everything happening at your home right on your phone.

Here in this article, we will take a look at the various features of the app and its uses.

A Brief Look Into The Various Features Of Bitvision App

The BitVision HD camera app is a peer to peer video monitoring app that can be used to monitor various cameras at different locations remotely. The best thing about this peer to peer camera app is that you can monitor the happenings at your home or at your office from anywhere and at any time.


There are many other features and benefits of using the app, such as:

Quick Connect

This is one of the best features of the BitVision HD camera app. You can easily add your camera device to the app just by scanning a QR code. Now, no more hassle to pair your device with the camera by entering a code and waiting for long. Just scan, and you are good to go. If you don’t want to use the feature of QR code, the app also offers you to connect with the help of the serial number of the device.

Multiple Devices

This is also a great feature of the BitVision app that allows you to connect and monitor multiple devices at a time. In the app, you can see all the names of the devices. Along with this, it also shows the type of device connected like an NVR, fisheye camera, IPC, etc.

Real-Time Monitoring

With the BitVision app connected to a camera, you can easily access the live feed of the cameras connected across the facility of your office or your home. Now, even if you are not at home, you can easily monitor what your little ones are doing at home. You can also check if the employees at your office are working or just having fun.


When the app is on your phone, it is possible that you may not like someone looking at your phone. And the passwords may not be that reliable. So, to prevent any security breach in the app, you can set a gesture password for the app. Now, your app will be secure from peepers.

Peer to Peer

The best thing about the peer to peer network is that there is no central server for this type of network. All the information is shared between connected nodes directly. Along with this, the app also has Database encryption and XML encryption to achieve version compatibility. These features make your data more secure apart from just having a gesture lock on your phone.

What Do The Users Think About The App?

Well, if we look at the user reviews of the app, the app has balanced reviews. The app is liked by some people and has also recorded some bad reviews. They are not much in number, but the problems addressed by them need to be taken care of. One of the common reviews about the app is that it does not work that well on some of the Android devices. I hope the makers of the BitVision app will do a great job of remedying the issue.

How To Get BitVision For PC?

It is totally understandable that you might need the app for your PC. It is a hassle looking at the small screen of the phone. Hence, if you want to get rid of this hassle, install an Android emulator on your PC.

An Android emulator is a software that is used for running Android applications on your PC. if you will go on the web and search for it, you will find many of them. But, here are the ones that will be the best for you.

To install these emulators, download the install package from the links mentioned above. Open the package installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install the emulator. Give the emulator at least 10-15 minutes to get all set for functioning.


Post the installation of the emulator, follow the instructions below to install the BitVision app:

  • Fire up the Android emulator.
  • Look for the Play Store app in the Android emulator window.
  • Open the Play Store app and login with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, make one as it is necessary.
  • Search for the BitVision HD camera app in the search bar.
  • Find the right app and install it.
  • Now, you can have access to a live feed of all the cameras in your office or at home right in your hand.

Final Words

In a nutshell, we can say that the app has got balanced reviews from the users. Along with this, there are some features that make the app worth a try. Some of the primary ones are QR code scan connect feature, P2P networking, and the ability to connect multiple devices. All these apps make it a perfect choice for you in terms of security. I hope this article serves you well.

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