How To Recover Deleted Files From Your Windows / Mac PC


Losing data and not knowing how you can recover it is very frustrating. It doesn’t matter what kind of data you lose, whether commercial data or family data. If you have never had a recovery plan beforehand, trying to recover your lost data can be quite overwhelming and sometimes impossible. However, losing data does not mean the end of the world and there are several […]

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RusVPN Review and How to Setup on PC (Windows and Mac)


RUS (reliable, unlimited secure) might seem like an ordinary small VPN, but it has many services to offer. The app promises to unlock many blocked sites, including video or movie sites, so it could be a good VPN for those who love movies. We have gone through some basics about this, and we have lots of information to share with you. So if you want […]

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5 Useful Tools About How To Mirror Someone’s Phone


These days, not only can your phone be mirrored, but one can continue receiving updates after that. That makes the current technology so powerful, and that can be for the good and bad. Someone will use the distinguished software to hack another phone. Others will use it as a form of protection. If you are using it for the former, be careful not to be […]

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Tango App For PC – How To Install On Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac


Live streaming apps have been around for a long time now. Right now, there are various live-streaming apps in the market, like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Livestream, Stream Now, and many others. Moreover, the market for live-streaming apps is also elevating year by year. The live streaming app market stood at USD 42.60 billion in 2019 and is currently growing at a tremendous pace. The […]

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What is TikVPN and How to Download and Use It on PCs


VPNs have become an essential part of browsing the internet over the past few years. VPNs are mostly used to hide IPs and mask identity. This is as a result of the ever-increasing cybercrimes all over the internet. Subsequently, the number of free VPNs increases each day, making it challenging to find the right VPN. TikVPN is one of the apps that most people are […]

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How To Install & Use Google One Back Up Tool On Your PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac)


Upgrade your mobile storage with the Google One app! We live in the era of smart devices. Today, if you look around yourself, you are surrounded by smart devices that have the ability to help you in some way. Let it be for entertainment, infotainment, communication, and whatnot; smart devices have the capability to offer you everything. As technology has evolved, it has given birth […]

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Download & Install BOOYAH! App On Windows PC & Mac


Streaming a live game is one of the most fun things to do on the internet. Fortunately, there are so many games out there that you can stream, but the question would be; which app do you use to stream games? Well, the Booyah app is one of the many live streaming apps that exist. The app was launched in March 2020 by Garena international. […]

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