Windscribe VPN for PC (Windows & Mac) Free Download


You can now browse the Internet privately on your mobile device using Windscribe VPN app. There are many malicious risks which threaten your digital experience on the Internet. Some examples of these risks include hackers, malware and government surveillance. Thus, your online privacy is constantly under threat. You can protect yourself and experience the Internet freely on your smart device […]

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Download and Install SkyVPN for PC (Windows and Mac)


Are you unable to access YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other website on your PC? Then worry no more. SkyVPN Proxy Server is here to help. What is SkyVPN Proxy Server? SkyVPN Proxy Server is a fast, global and free service that is tailored to help users access blocked websites, protect their anonymity online and to enjoy a better net […]

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How to Install VPNhub on PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac)


Your privacy is of utmost importance, but with so many trackers and data miners lurking around on the internet and mining your browsing behavior, is your online life really private? Using a VPN is one of the simplest ways to secure yourself against such threats. VPN connects your device to a remote server and routes all your network traffic through […]

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Download Bot Changer VPN for PC (Windows & Mac)


BlueStacks emulator is the application that helps turn your PC into a literal Android phone. This allows you to interact with great apps that otherwise you need your phone to access. It can help you save on the budget of buying multiple gadgets or during the times of emergency for instance when you have lost your phone. Some of those […]

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How to Run Hotspot VPN app on PC using Android emulator


Imagine connecting to a public network and freely streaming Youtube while everyone else is being blocked by the firewall, cool right? Or have you ever visited a foreign country just to find either Youtube, Instagram, tweeter or Facebook are not working because they are restricted? (trust me it happens), a VPN application becomes handy in such situations. If you have […]

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Install VPN 365 on PC (Windows & Mac) using BlueStacks


Have you ever tried to either access a website and you receive a notification that you are blocked? Or tried to download a file and you are notified that it’s not available in your country? Or tried to stream a live event and its only available to specific countries? Well no need to worry, there is a simple way to […]

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Download and Install OLOW VPN on PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)


VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are applications that offer secured internet connections using private servers located in different locations. They provide a secure channel in which all data between the device and remote servers is heavily encrypted thereby not easily accessible by hackers or stalkers. OLOW VPN is one of the applications that provide the above service on Android devices. The […]

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Download FREE VPN – Unseen Online for PC (Windows & Mac)


About FREE VPN – Unseen Online app Not all of the times but yes, sometimes you don’t want to be seen online. You don’t want to be tracked by your IP address and the country you are browsing the internet from. This has got both the privacy and security implications for the person browsing the internet. Let’s first get to […]

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EyesPie for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac – Free Download


EyesPie, in general, is a Design It Yourself home security system which technically turns your old smartphone into some sort of CCTV camera which you can monitor it using another phone. You not only monitor the view from the camera but also hear sounds. You can monitor your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week as well as […]

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How to Download Termux App on Windows PC and Mac


Termux app is an Android application that provides a linux and terminal emulator environment in an Android device. It works for both rooted and unrooted Android devices. It is one of the most important applications for running Linux commands on an Android platform. However, there is no direct termux application for Windows or Mac devices. This is because the app […]

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