VVID for PC – Windows 7,8,10 & Mac – Free Download


VVID is a free communication tool which allows you to video chat with friends all over the world in real time. VVID application is very useful for meeting new friends and one of the coolest feature is that lets you put beauty filters on the video so you can appear with makeup on. In our opinion VVID is the perfect […]

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Zalo for PC – Windows 7,8,10 & Mac – Free Download


Zalo is a free video calling application which can make stable video calls on both WiFi and 3G. Zalo app also gives you the opportunity to send voice messages, HD photos, songs, stickers, etc. Our team has tested Zalo and it resulted very interestingly, it has a very cool user interface with a scrolling timeline such as Facebook. Get Zalo […]

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Threema for PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10 – Free Download


Threema is a paid application tool which encrypts all your conversations giving you more security at the time of messaging. With Threema app you will be able to send photos, videos, voice messages and more. The developers promise that no data will be can arrive into the hands of hackers, corporations and governments. At this moment Threema is available for […]

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OBDLink for PC & Mac – Windows 7,8,10 – Free Download


OBDLink (OBD car diagnostics) is a free diagnostic scan tool for Android and iOS devices which allows you to read and diagnostic trouble codes, clear the engine and much more. Out team of editors have tried this fantastic car diagnostics application and highly recommend it. We think OBDLink is a great tool which you should definitely try. At this moment […]

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EvoPlus Lite for PC – Windows 7,8,10 & Mac – Free Download


EvoPlus Lite is a free software for remote video surveillance which gives you the chance to have a real-time preview of your cameras. With the help of EvoPlus Lite you will be able to video monitor and control your webcams using your smartphone or tablet. Our team from Techforpc have tested EvoPlus Lite and it resulted very easy to setup […]

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Tetherfy for PC (Windows 7,8,10 & Mac) Free Download


Tetherfy is a free application tool for WiFi Tethering letting you to turn your Android phone into a free WiFi Hotspot in few taps of the screen. Tetherfy app supports most of the Android phones such as HTC, Droid 2, EVO 4G which makes it very practical. In our opinion Tetherfy app is very useful and helpful you should definitely […]

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WebSharingLite for PC & Mac – Windows 7/8/10 – Free Download


WebSharingLite is a free file sharing application which allows you to transfer files from a web browser. This app WebSharingLite lets you view images, videos and manage files with no size limitations. Our team have tested WebSharingLite app and it worked pretty well and it resulted very helpful at the time of file sharing. We highly recommend you to download […]

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Habit Browser for PC & Mac – Windows 7/8/10 – Free Download


Habit Browser is a free web browsing tool is has a lot of features which are made for the only purpose to give the best experience to the user. We from Techforpc really like Habit Browser because of its translation feature which helps you translate web pages very quickly. If you want to download Habit Browser app on your phone […]

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Boat Browser for PC / Windows 7/8/10 / Mac / Computer – Free Download


Boat Browser is a free mobile web browser developed Digital Life International which is very fast and which will try to provide you the best user experience at the time of searching and browsing. We from Techforpc have to annotate that Boat Browser is probably one of the best mobile browsers for its usability and usefulness giving you the chance […]

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Shadowsocks for PC (Windows 7,8,10 & Mac) Free Download


Shadowsocks is a free application tool which let you surf the internet privately and securely by using cross-platform secured socks5 proxy. With Shadowsocks you could easily surf and browse the internet anonymously for free. Our team have tested Shadowsocks on an Android tablet and it worked perfectly well. We highly recommend you to download and use Shadowsocks. How to download […]

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