How to install and use GROWLr App on your PC


Before starting the process of installation, here is some useful information about GROWLr. It is an application that offers men of the gay bear community the opportunity to meet other members of the same community. The users can view profiles, share and receive photos, find bear bars and broadcast messages to the others. It also allows them to plan for […]

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How to download and install Atom VPN app on PC


Among the most annoying things is the inability to access websites and applications just because your state has blocked them. Luckily, there is a way around this blockage. Atom VPN is the application that will solve this irregular jurisdiction and it works on several devices including Mac, Windows and PC gadgets. The application is freely available for download on the […]

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Download OneVPN for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac


With the internet taking over the control of almost all things that happens today, it has therefore become a basic need to humanity. Not all the internet users are genuine and have good intention, some of the users come with malice and intentions to harm others. It is there for important to keep safe while connecting to the internet hence […]

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Install FX File Explorer App On Your PC Using BlueStacks


FX File Explorer allows you to manage your files and apps effectively on your Android device. This application helps to manage all forms of documents on your Android device similar to how we manage it on your computer. FX File Explorer helps you to administer all your files to access and share anything you need. FX File Explorer easily helps […]

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How to download VPN Melon for PC (Windows & Mac)


When in need of a high-speed app that offers unlimited time of VPN connection, VPN Melon is the go-to app. VPN Melon allows you to access the websites that matter for you from anywhere, and at the same time, it encrypts your Internet activities for maximum security. The app comes in handy when willing to access specific websites that have […]

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Download GT Recovery for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac


In this day and age, our lives have become intermittent with our devices to a point we use them to organize our daily busy lives. We have come to create memories with our devices and they now capture every moment of our lives. But what happens when you accidentally delete those pictures or you give your phone to someone or […]

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Hideman VPN for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download


Hideman VPN is a VPN service app offered by Hideman Ltd. There are two versions of the app. Hideman VPN, and Hideman Free VPN. Even the paid version offers 7 hours of free usage per week. With Hideman VPN, one can easily hide his IP address, hence giving no real information about yourself to the internet. Also, as the app […]

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How To Install Popcorn VPN Application On PC


Anonymity is one of the core principals in maintaining privacy. As a factor to boost anonymity, various mobile and computer applications are continuously being released to assist in this. VPN technology has made great strides in maintaining its user’s identities. On various platforms, different VPN softwares have been adopted including the popcorn VPN app on Android. As a highly rated […]

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